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Cancer Cures Available Cancer feared by many because of the fact that it is one of the diseases that claims so many lives each year that is why people must be educated in the best treatments and cures available so that they can counter this deadly illness. The disease is not that easy to treat but there are many instances that people have survived cancer due to the thorough help of the doctors as well as the doctors. There are a lot of methods in which cancer can be cured. A chemotherapy The common treatment is chemotherapy wherein a person is given a special kind of drug that can kill cancerous cells in the process. Chemotherapy will attack the DNA inside the tumor cell that is harboring the cancerous cell and because of that the result is that the cancerous cell will die eventually. For maximum genocide over the cancerous cells, the drug is administered in a certain moment so that the results will be good. The cancerous cells will not die immediately though, there has to be multiple sessions in chemotherapy so that the numbers will reduce. Chemotherapy has many forms, they can be given through pills and creams as well as IV and injection, which the patient will choose. Chemotherapy is used in treating a cancer patient after the surgery but there are also times that the patient will be given this treatment when the cancer is already in its advance stages. Although it is a common and helpful treatment the side effects of the therapy must be taken into consideration as well. The side effects are there but you also have to think about the way it can help the cancer patient survive.
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The biologic therapy
Learning The “Secrets” of Cures
The body is filled with counter measure, the immune system will attack anything that they think will cause damage to the body and proves to be dangerous to be around. They are natural substances that are made to defend our body and they will improve everytime. This therapy is about enhancing the immune system to better counter strong dangerous diseases, that way it can also fight these cancerous cells and they will stand a chance against these formidable enemies. This method in treating is also known as biological modifiers, it modifies the immune system in order for the anti-bodies to defeat the enemy. This method enhances the body through natural substances but it still has some minor side effects but the good effects will easily overshadow it.

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