Volcano surfing, also known as volcano boarding or ash boarding is a thrilling and entertaining activity. It is a very risky activity as well. This sport is performed on the slopes of volcanoes. One of the well known and popular volcanoes to perform this activity at is Cerro Negro. First, Riders need to climb up the volcano and then using a metal or thin plywood board. This activity is quite fun and amusing. It is also very entertaining.


Volcano surfing or boarding is a very entertaining sport. Even though it is quite risky and there is a lot of dust and volcanic ash that you have to deal with, this exercise doesn’t fail in the entertainment department.

Volcano boarding is very beneficial for the psychological health of a person. Due to this exercise, one feels more open towards challenges. They try to perform the challenges even if they are hard. Also, it also minimizes the factor of fear. One learns a lot about his or her surroundings due to this sport. Volcano boarding nourishes the brain. It leaves you very fresh and pure. This sport also helps fight depression and, it also helps at fighting stress.

Through volcano boarding/surfing, one gets quite the warm up and exercise for his or her limbs.


This sport does not have such specific equipments. All you need is a strong metal or plywood board that is not to thick. Also, the board should be strong so that it doesn’t give up in the way.

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