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Places in Spain You Can Specify with Travelling Agencies

People usually go to Spain during the summer or any sunny months in order to go to Barcelona; we’re telling you that Barcelona is the city of activities, so much to do and even more to see. We’re telling you now that you’ll regret visiting Spain and not going to the gorgeous city of Barcelona.

Appreciating Asian Film Festivals

For all those who are attracted to Asian Film Festivals then they should definitely head on to Barcelona Contemporary Cultural Center, take note to go from the last week of April only up until the initial weekend of May. Obviously, the festival appreciates and greatly celebrates Asian films. The award for best film is given to the deserving Asian Film under their respective categories. An overly exciting festival for those that want to participate and attend.

Visiting the Magic Fountain Montijuice

What you may not know is that this particular fountain only gives out water during certain periods of time in a year; the water fountain started giving water way back in 1929. The Fountain Montijuice is lit every night during the summer months. Visit the Fountain Montijuice during the summer months and make sure you get there as they start the lights; it can be a place only imagined in fantasy stories, a truly alluring sight to behold alongside company.

Sabadell Atlantico

Enjoy amazing tennis matches, ones which you’ll forever regret that you did not watch, just head on over to Real Club de Tennis during their schedule which is the last week of April; this is highly suggested for those who are real fans of tennis and even those that enjoy the game. A lot of tennis enthusiasts mainly go to Spain for the reason that they want to watch the said tournament, so count yourself lucky when you get to Spain during the time of the said tournament; this is considered a professional game so you’ll see top tennis names. So it’s obviously that if you truly enjoy the tennis sport then you’ll head down to Real Club de Tennis during the final weekend of April, just to be able to watch some spectacular matches; we want to remind you that this is a yearly event only so don’t waste the opportunity when it comes.

Have a Quick Look at the Brazilian Art Festival

For those of you who can’t help but greatly admire amazing Brazilian art then you should head on to the Museum of Contemporary Art where they host an annual Brazilian Art Festival for all those who greatly admire it; they are only schedule in February and never any other month, also it only happens annually so don’t miss the opportunity to lose yourself in their breathtaking art.

Source: The Spain Event

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