The Mount Everest Base Camp Trek (3)

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The Kenema operation would take some time to develop, especially with the rainy season coming. It was an overall plan based on establishing cash flow and getting returns on Taakor’s initial huge investment. Tiger’s operation was for smaller and, supposedly, quicker cash flow. The quicker part of that we knew was debatable and the cash flow part we knew was questionable at best, not the cash, but the flow.

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Tiger and Mike were as responsible as anyone for the initial ban on logging that stymied Taakor’s ability to harvest timber and sell logs. From there, the investors lost confidence and the struggle began. We were told behind the scenes that the ban would be short while MAFFS put new logging policies in place. We continued to operate due to those promises. The ban was not short, it lasted eight months.

Things were fine with our engineer, B___, during the first year or so. At least that was the impression we had. Unfortunately, he had been using his position in Jui, just far enough away from prying eyes, to begin building his own fiefdom, all run from his mobile home at the Jui port. His first move had been to hire as many people from Jui, Waterloo, and other surrounding communities as possible, which was company policy and mandated by our agreement with the Community. What he did though, was hire way to many workers.

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