Taking Megabus From Manhattan To Baltimore (3)

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Instantly, the King was dead and the Kingdom in ruins, perfect. B___ flew home the next day but not before having a few beers at Alex’s while waiting for the hovercraft to the airport. No drinking friends were there to see him off, only a few glad he was going. Several heartbroken and empty pocketed Jui hangers on were with him trying to grasp for some small money to the last. In the end, Kum Rabbi Kurtz, the Royal King of Jui Port, cared not for them, only to go back home to the land of reality.

When you leave the stroller, attach the straps and fold it yourself. Some passengers have amusingly left their open strollers for us to fold up for them. Some Flight Attendants will not be so entertained and you probably don’t want someone fiddling with your stroller anyway who doesn’t know what they’re doing. So that your stroller is not mishandled or left behind, please make sure it’s all packed up.

As time went on and our fight with the Government over our concession agreement was nowhere near resolution, we again found another solution to our sawmilling problem, in Kenema, about three to four hours from Masingbi. These plans did not include Tiger, as he was becoming more of a problem than a help. His operation, and his big plan to piggyback off Taakor, as well as become our parasite, was now in trouble.

Just as a side note, the restrooms at the theater had the kind of towel dispensers where you wave your hand over a sensor and a section of towel comes roaring out. My wife came out after her trip after the show laughing. She couldn’t figure out how to get a towel from the dispenser until a little girl showed her the magic trick, just wave your hand over it. The number of sensor activated devices in Africa is small, small.

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