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Komba refused, and stated that it could be easy enough for him to go up nation where no one might find him. I said sure, that was true but is that how you want things to go the next few months? Operating around up nation, hiding from everyone, how is that going to get you paid in the long run? He stated he did not care, he needed his cash.

The general scenario dragged on and deteriorated, including the Liberian downside. It could be hard to pay them and not Sierra Leone staff, might even be dangerous for us. We finally made a cope with them, with the assistance of the Liberian Ambassador to Sierra Leone, to pay their transport again to Liberia and have them paid at our office in Monrovia as soon as we got the cash.

His name, or actually his nickname, was CPO. His actual first title was Abdul I think, I never heard anyone name me that, and I have no idea what his last title was. Image a brief stocky man about 35 years outdated, with a great sized gut, spherical head, and squinty, beady eyes. CPO all the time wore his clothes a bit of too tight, particularly when he slipped on his muscle shirt. If you asked him a direct question he gave you a smile that made it clear you really didn’t desire a direct reply, and he wasn’t going to present you one anyway.

Captains and copilots each need seniority to get good schedules. My husband has been eligible to be a captain since 2001, but he selected to remain a senior co-pilot. If he were a captain proper now, he’d be senior sufficient to avoid reserve, but too junior for the good schedules. The pay differential for a captain is method too small to compensate for the lack of quality of life. Which results in one other a part of the scheduling picture.

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