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This article began as a review of my expertise flying financial system class with Air France on a latest trip from the United States to Europe. As I researched the airline, I discovered a disturbing reality about Europe’s largest airline service. Air France transports live monkeys to laboratories around the world.

Please note that if a car seat is FAA approved, it does not automatically mean that the seat will fit on all aircraft seats. If you are worried that it will or won’t fit, measure the bottom, or at the widest point, and call the airline. Have your exact flight number and they can look up the width of the airplane seat. A few airlines have this information on their websites. I can’t recommend some of the general aviation web information sites since they aren’t always accurate and recommend checking directly with the company.

If you have a friend like this you can tolerate him because you can simply walk away for awhile or tell him to shut the fuck up, depending on your relationship. In a plane this is not so easy. There is no escape and being curt can cause problems the rest of the flight, which is already miserable enough. You have to bear with it or pretend to fall asleep, which does not always work.

Duchess, Hope your flight is a pleasing one. You will be in for a number of surprises. You should definitely wear slip on sneakers since you may should take them off at security, along with your jacket, metal jewelry and your belt, simply to make certain you do not set off the alarm and get pulled apart for personal frisking. After I travelled as a mission manager I appeared to get frisked (or wanded) loads. You never get used to it.

When the narrator goes to Masingbi to interview a local activist they are sitting in our log yard, TAAKOR’s, log yard. They talk of illegal loggers. Not true, we were logging legally in our own concession granted by the Government of Sierra Leone. When they breached their agreement with TAAKOR and banned logging we stopped. At the same time, people stole wood from our concession but the Government did nothing about it.

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