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How Do Transistors Work?

If you have an electronic gadget such as a phone, computer or TV, you can be sure that it is using multiple transistors. Unless you are an electrical technician or are interested in electronics, chances are that you do not know what transistors are. Transistors are part of the small components that work together in a mother board or electronic circuit used in electronic equipment. Sometimes, a power surge can make the transistors blow up and leave your equipment not functioning. You will have to take your equipment to a qualified technician to replace the transistors or other components that may not be working.

Every electronic gadget has a circuit board that comprises of different transistors. A transistor changes small electronic signals to a high or large output. Electronic gadgets use transistors of different wattages, amperes and voltages. Moreover, they are assigned different part numbers. You can determine the performance and usage of a transistor based on its part number. If your TV screen is not functioning because of a blown transistor, you will need the component replaced. The same type and part number transistor will have to be used for replacement.

The transistors used for replacement should be long lasting. However, the voltage, amperes or wattage does not determine the durability of a transistor. You will be surprised to learn that some high specs transistors may blow up before low specs ones. The only way you can determine the longevity of a transistor is by looking at the manufacturer’s datasheet information. In the datasheet, a technician can read the lifespan of different transistors that can work for your gadget and suggest the best one to use for replacement. Like is expected, the longer a transistor will work, the more expensive it would be.

How Are Transistors Manufactured?
Billions of transistors are manufactured every year. These components are flexible, reliable and cheap to manufacture. This explains why when they blow, they are simply discarded rather than repaired. However, the majority of the components are not put on the market for sale. Instead, the major customers that buy the components are electronic equipment manufacturers. In a single motherboard, you can find tens of thousands of transistors. The components are important components in a circuit board and work with diodes and capacitors to ensure proper flow or current.

Transistors are manufactured to have three layers that are made of a semiconductor material such as silicon or germanium. The layers have either positive or negative electrical attributes based on the impurities that are added to them. A transistor layer that is marked “P” is positively charged while one that is marked “N” is negatively charged.

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