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So on Monday an airline war broke out, resulting in a seat sale unlike something that is been seen in Iqaluit in years.

That’s it. That is what we all want, to provide for our families. In Africa the family unit, which extends to many, many people are all reliant on whoever can bring in money or food. Even a single young man or woman is required to do what they can to contribute to the whole family. Many times a source of income is provided by one person, and then everyone continues to rely on that single source, right or wrong.

That stated, we do get an expense allowance for some trips known as a per diem that pays $1.00 or $2.00 an hour from the second we check into the airport to the time we come again to our domicile (house base). Trust me, though, it doesn’t add as much as much. So let me speak for my fellow FAs (and all airline passengers everywhere): Please, get your self onto the airplane, put your baggage away, and sit down so we can shut the door.

In most of Africa a doctor can give you a prescription, written on his special prescription pad, but in reality it may as well be written on the front of your hat. Just go to the local pharmacy, ask for what you want, if they have it they will be glad to sell to you. The only question would be, is the drug real or a fake. Either way, it can be a dangerous proposition.

If the pilot goes to a distinct airplane, as an instance from a B737 to a B757, he has to do it over again. If he upgrades from co-pilot to captain on the identical airplane, then it’s a shorter course as he already knows the airplane. But the ‘flows’ will be different, and naturally he is on the opposite aspect of the flight deck. Think about driving from the fitting seat (except you are reading this in England, then image driving in the left seat).

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