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Guidelines on How You Can Make a Sale of Your Diabetic Test Strip for Cash.

Some people have bought new diabetic strips, or they have improved in health where they do not need to use the strips anymore. You do not have to throw your old diabetic test strip you can make an extra coin, or you can help someone who is in need of it but does not have enough cash to purchase a new one.

You should look for the companies which buy test strips. For you to get a legit company you have to investigate thoroughly, because there are a lot of firms which do buy the test strips. You should select a prominent firm which has many feedbacks. It means that whenever you sell to them, they resell to the customers who love the services offered thus giving it a good review. It also says that the firm will pay whenever you sell your test strip to them. Therefore, you will get cash for your diabetic strip.

The brand of the diabetic strips should be reviewed before you make the sale. The amount of money for the cost of the strips will be different from various brands. You might have a chance to get more money because you have the expensive brand.

You need to check the expiration date before you make the sale of the diabetic test strip. The date of expiry is found in the box. You can get some firms which will buy the diabetic strips which are one month to expiration, but some of the firms will just buy if the expiry date is of six months onwards. When the test strips get to its expiry date, it means that the chemical resin which is used dries up. Therefore, the test strip cannot be in use, since it is incorrect. It shows that you can sell your test strip at a reasonable price if at all the expiry date is not soon. You might have to undergo fines for selling expired test strips to the firms which buy unexpired ones.

You should look the condition of the box of the test strip carefully. The box should be in good condition and still be sealed. If the expiry date has been tampered with, then you might have to reduce your selling price.

After checking all the aspects then you should contact the firm which you will sell to. The company should have the best customers services. The firm should inform you about what will be the process for you to sell your diabetic test strip. If your gut trusts them, then you should go ahead and sell your test strip.

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