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After reviewing each website, I realized that each one four travel websites provide 24/7 phone buyer companies representatives, not too stunning. It’s difficult to guage a company’s customer service primarily based on how they handle phone calls because usually the person is handled in a short time (obviously there are exceptions).

For flying, I usually found it easier with three children close in age to use a single stroller and a baby carrier (more about those below). I could alternate between the ones who could walk, be carried and sit in the stroller but do what works for your family. For travel, if there are at least two adults, you may find two single strollers easier both for flying and also at your destination (i.e. tiny European sidewalks or anywhere with big crowds). It also means that dad can take one to get something to drink while mom stays behind with the other child or dad can wander with the older child while leaving mom stays with the baby sleeping in the other stroller, etc.

Alex’s bathroom was not exactly foul, but untidy enough that I concluded my business as quickly as possible. I reached for the door handle to exit and gave it a turn downward. It did not work. I jiggled it, pulled and pushed it, even cussed it. It did not work. I was locked in. My first day in Africa, in Sierra Leone, in Freetown, in a public place, and I was locked in the men’s bathroom.

Once I acquired on the bus I had to share my seat with a fellow traveler. The seats aren’t too dangerous, however they get uncomfortable after a while. The Greyhound travelers were pleasant and respectful towards everyone else. I anticipated things to be a lot worst, however most individuals were just making an attempt to sleep as we traveled. One huge problem was the toilet on the bus. I didn’t use it, however I certain might smell it and it was terrible. It was sort of an outhouse sort of odor for the primary leg of my trip. Since I used to be seated close to the rear of the bus, I think that the scent was worse than the scent at the front of the bus.

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