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Godfey Louis Godfrey and Santhosh Kumar of the Mahatma Gandhi College in 2003 released a really (at the time) controversial argument that the crimson rain had been caused by extraterrestrial pollution. Their proposed was that a meteor containing the red particles) induced the sound and flash and when it disintegrated over Kerala it launched the red particles which slowly fell to the ground.

Great article Paul. I can not imagine a flight that takes 22 hours. The longest flights I ever make are Boston or Providence to Florida. You’d barely get through a crossword puzzle on one of those little jaunts. I have to say although that I do love these fashionable jets. Such as you, I am sure; my first flights had been on the outdated four engine prop jobs that used to shake, shudder and repeatedly drop a thousand feet in about two seconds or so simply to keep us awake!

One can camp within the again country inside the park. The Boy Scout Path is one possibility. Coming type the West Park Entrance, pull into the parking area7 miles previous Trash Can Rock(Quail Springs). To legally camp, one should signal the back country registry positioned near the trailhead, and camp one mile from the trail. No open fires are allowed.

The day was sizzling again however not as sizzling as two weeks ago when the wind felt like someone had turned on a hair dryer and pointed it at my face. There were a stunning number of members and visitors right here as we speak a few of whom did not fly but volunteered to assist in other areas, like making a fuel run or just helping launch the gliders.

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