Cost Vacation On A Secluded Beach In The World

One of the favorite activities that travelers often do while on vacation is to go to the beach. The cost is cheap and beautiful scenery are a handful of reasons why people choose the beach as a tourist destination. In addition, the visitor can easily unwind by looking at the expanse of the open sea while visiting the beach. Although well-known as one of the attractions that are cheap, in fact there are several beaches in the category of world’s most expensive beach. If you want to travel redeeming your credit card wisely and save money by visiting This is because the tourists have to reach the sizeable costs if you want to visit this beach. This beach does offer some very beautiful scenery, but the difficulty of access to get there makes the cost very expensive. Here are five beaches in the world’s most expensive:

Anse Soleil Beach, Seychelles

This beach is located on a small island in the Seychelles East African country. Anse Soleil are equipped with a variety of resort that can be enjoyed by tourists who visit there. Even so, this beach is very difficult to reach given the remoteness of the vast land. This makes a wide range of goods sold in this area is priced expensive. For example, you have to be willing to pay $ 27.08 to buy a sunscreen.

Anse Georgette Beach, Seychelles

Ranked fourth is occupied by beach Anse Georgette which is also housed in the State Seychelles. Besides the beach, the area is also equipped with a golf course and a vehicle that can be used to get around the area. To reach this area, visitors must climb a small plane or drive by boat. Costs incurred for a day at the beach at US $ 54.25.

Anse Vata, New Caledonia

This beach is located in the State of New Caledonia which is still a French colony. The area is located in the sub-continent Melanesia in the Pacific Ocean southwest. Although located far from France, the tourism sector here was able to bring 100 thousand tourists each year. Difficult locations make the tourists have to spend of US $ 56.11 per day to visit this beach.

Mareto Plage Publique, Polynesia

This beach not only offers panoramic views, a variety of well-known resorts and hotels also stand to pamper tourists who visit the island. The beach is also the inspiration of making the musical South Pacific in 1958. One day at the beach is estimated to spend US $ 58.36.

La Plage de Maui, Polynesia

The first rank is occupied by La Plage de Maui residing in the islands of Polynesia. The islands were still under the control of France has received funding of US $ 150 million annually. The funds are intended to improve the tourism sector there. This beach visitors is estimated to cost up to US $ 60.13 per day for travel.

Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia

Raja Ampat will make anyone fascinated. The natural beauty, especially the oceans, making Raja Ampat paradise of the traveler. While accompanied by the sea breeze and the sun began to sink, you will be captivated by the magic of Raja Ampat. Indeed, the cost to come to this place is not cheap. The cost of living per day in Raja Ampat more around $ 1,045 per day, not a cheap price to be able to visit the Raja Ampat. However, the beauty and charm of Raja Ampat is so priceless. Raja Ampat deserves the title as the world tourism paradise, because there are many coral reefs and marine animals, white sandy beaches, a cluster of small islands are beautiful, and the forest is still virgin.

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